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Precise Water Damage Restoration of Portland provides the citizens of Portland and the rest of Multnomah County, OR with the best fire and water damage restoration quotes, and these include sewage backup cleanups, flood damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and more.

We partner with the best local fire and water damage restoration companies and provide our audience with quotes for their services. 

Our role is to educate you about water damage and the value of restoration services and then connect you with the right partner. 

Our partners will be the ones actually carrying out the work. They’re operated flawlessly by their leaders and are presented perfectly by the technicians and project managers they work with and their endless portfolios of successfully completed restoration projects.

We’re a unit, as Michael Gokturk, CEO of Payfirma, has said: “A successful team beats with one heart.”

Whether you need residential or commercial services, call us at (971) 299-2417 today! We provide free estimates throughout the Multnomah County.

(971) 299-2417

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State of Oregon doesn’t require a license for water damage restoration, however, the water damage restoration company usually should have a general contractors license, especially if the work involves altering and repairing your home’s structure.

Also, the company should be certified by IICRC. Being certified by IICRC shows that the company is willing to go the extra mile in order to provide the best possible restoration services to their clients. It can also be required by insurance.


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