Basement Water Damage

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Basement Flooding Signs

Basements are usually the rooms you give the least amount of thought to. Yes, they’re important but because you don’t spend time in them like you do in living room, kitchen, or bathroom, they’re a second thought.

However, even though is common with most homeowners and businesses alike, this way of thinking presents a loophole through which severe damage and expensive restoration costs can sneak through.

You see, basements are the most vulnerable to water damage in events of flooding. Also, when an indoor cause like a pipe leak, you usually don’t notice it right away. But because they’re so dark and damp, mold can start growing quickly and by the time you see it, it’s already too late. 

This is the LAST room you want flooded. A basement full of water presents a threat to the foundation of the entire house. If your foundation is damaged, your floors will become uneven, your walls will crack, and your house can significantly deteriorate. 

If you have a flooded basement or you’ve just noticed signs of basement water damage, like peeling paint, warped floors, and musty odor, call us immediately for restoration services!

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Yes, as we’ve already mentioned, but only if there’s minor damage. This equates to a non-contaminated source of water and non-extensive damage. Use a wet-dry vacuum to remove water and then apply a dehumidifier to remove all moisture and prevent mold. 

Keep in mind that water damage sometimes spreads behind walls and just removing the standing water you see won’t fix the entire issue. Make sure to perform the inspection or get professional help. 

Depending on the amount of water that needs to be removed and the equipment and procedures used to dry the basement, pumping out standing water and drying it thoroughly can cost between $500 and over $10,000. Yes, a lot of money so don’t give water any time to spread further and call a professional right away. 

The moist environment encourages the growth of mold, which will only drive up the cost of your property damage. It’s critical that you get the water out as soon as you can.

How to Repair Basement Water Damage

The only thing to do if you have basement water damage is ACT. Act NOW. You have no time to lose, especially if the damage is extensive and the water is all over your basement. 

How to act? You can DIY if there’s a little amount of clean water coming from a pipe leak. However, if there’s a sewage backup a few inches deep, the only thing you should do is call a certified water damage restoration professional. 

Precise Water Damage Restoration of Portland connects you with the leading basement water damage repair and restoration companies in the area. You can confirm their expertise by looking at their reviews.

They can also help you remove raw sewage, flood damage, and fire damage.

So, don’t delay it anymore. Call us for a quote now! 

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